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Wanna have a resource-friendly living?

Welcome here, to Aquatricity!

Sustainable Engineering

Aquatricity is an IoT-based system that helps users optimize their water and energy consumption by giving them awareness, a smart metering system and solution suggestions.

Target: SDGs

We have to use our resources in a way that preserves future generations’ rights to meet their own needs.
Therefore, we are entitled to provide them with an environment that does not endanger their existence and well-being by sticking to the UN 2030 Agenda and SDGs.

Social Enterprise

We are not just profit-oriented like any ordinary business you know. Aquatricity is rather impact-oriented in the first place. Our goal is to achieve a socio-environmental impact, including a behavior change.

Internet of Things, of Everything

An interrelated system involving WiFi-connected meters and the mobile app just in your pocket: that’s IoT.
But you will interact with the system: Welcome to the Internet of Everything (IoE).

Where we started from….

UNDP Youth Leadership Programme YLP6

MITLebanon Challenge 2020

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