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It’s About Restoring the Relationship

We have had our hands on technical work in electronics as well as in programming. Fascinated by the many opportunities an engineering background does open, we are looking to restore our relationship with our mother, Earth, by putting our skills to the service of water and energy resources preservation.




Equal Access

Driven by Ambition

Since Aquatricity’s start in June 2020, we have proudly participated in many programs and innovation exhibitions, from UNDP YLP 6th cohort to the MIT Arab Conference 2020.

To help people optimize their water and energy consumption, saving their pockets and the environment


A fair share of water and energy for everyone, everywhere!

The Founder

Josée Mallah

Josée is an Electrical and Electronics Engineer graduated with high distinction, and holder of the BIAF 2019 Outstanding Academic Performance Award. Ambitious and hardworking, she is a UNDP-YLP6 Alumna and holder of the AUF student-entrepreneur status.

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